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February 4, 2010

2010 Knitting Goals: In With the New

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Part 2 of my knitting goals for the year comes with exciting sub-categories:

I want one! I want one!

  • A cowl. I am a chilly person. We get some chilly weather  here in NS. Haven’t decided what pattern yet.
  • Another hat. I am tired of wearing the same hat every day. I have one on the needles almost done, but I suspect I will also tire of wearing one of 2 hats every day.
  • A smitten. Because I am a dork. And because if the boy forgets his gloves, he shoves his hand into one of my gloves and it stretches them out.
  • Mittens that make iphone browsing in cold weather a bit better. I’ve seen convertible gloves/mittens, and mittens with a little hole for your thumbs to pop out. Not sure which one yet.


  • It’s a secret
  • It’s a secret
  • It’s a secret
  • It’s a secret
  • It’s a secret

Designed by me

  • At least 3 more scarves in the scarf series. I have the ideas in my head, and I’m testing out one now.
  • The crazy cat cave. I’m half-way through test-knitting one. I want to write this one up as a pattern.
  • And a more general goal: keep designing. At this point I have all kinds of ideas floating around in my head. Some I’ll be able to accomplish as soon as I can get yarn to needle. Others will probably take more figuring, learning, sketching, charting, testing, frogging, giving up, going back to. And I’m not sure which designs fall into which category yet. So it’s hard to set a goal that I don’t know if I have the skills to do yet or not. But I’ve just got to keep going.

No…. problem!


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