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March 14, 2010

Spring Forward!

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I am actually not all that excited about the time change today, but in this context it sounds like yarn forward (a knitting term wherein one moves the working yarn from the back of the work to the front, creating a decorative hole, for my non-knitting friends kind enough to be reading), so the exclamation point stands. Yarn forward!

I don’t usually do much knitting in the spring: my post-Christmas excitement has run out and I start being more active outside again. I have no immediate need for warm things, and it seems too early to begin work on my Christmas presents. And I lose a lot of my inspiration! I love seeing everyone’s knitwear: many people have caught me openly staring at their hats, mittens, scarves or sweaters, and I’m not sure if they know that what I’m doing is mentally deconstructing their accessories. Sometimes it turns into a nice moment of connection if I compliment the object. People appreciate it, especially if it’s something they made or that someone made for them.

Halifax has been especially great for this: cold weather, friendly people. It’s starting to get warmer here, but I haven’t stopped wearing my hat in the early morning when I walk to the bus stop. I’m happy it’s spring, but I’ll miss all the wool! Here’s to many lace cardigans on summer nights, mesh market bags, lightweight headbands, and many other fair-weather knits.


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