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September 21, 2010

Happy Fall!

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Fall is my absolute favorite season. Sweaters! Leaves! Festivals! Winter squash! The temperature is just right for me (I don’t do well with extremes), and I get to start wearing scarves to work again (it’s the only way I know how to accessorize my otherwise monochrome wardrobe with a bit of colour, so as to trick people into thinking I have more than 5 outfits).  And now that I live in Halifax, where the leaves actually turn colour and fall off the trees, I love Fall even more. It also means the beginning of knitting season, and I expect to have my needles back out as soon as the weather starts keeping me indoors. Right now I have a new obsession, roller derby, which is driving me outside to get some extra practice on my skates while I still can, but soon it will be too cold and wet to skate outdoors and I will have to drop down to our once-a-week indoor skate practice.

A lot of derby girls are knitters and crafters. (See for example, a search for roller derby on etsy.) I am not at all surprised by this.

I have an important thing to share with you. I moved recently, and while packing up all my yarn into more than one rubbermaid bin, I discovered that in the last year, I only bought 2 balls of yarn! Only 2! (Oh wait: I am just now remembering the yarn I bought for Metadata Futurecat’s cat cave. Okay. 5 balls of yarn.) (UPDATE: Okay 6: I bought this skein and blogged about it for my birthday.) It’s not just because I haven’t been knitting since March: I’m counting all last Fall too. You know, when I was learning to sew and buying all that fabri… never mind! The important thing is that I cut back on yarn, even when I was going through an excitement about knitting phase in the winter. I am proud of myself. There are a couple of yarn stores in Halifax (and apparently a really good one out in Dartmouth which I refuse to make a field trip to until I have a specific need), and I wander in from time to time, but I’ve been good. Aside from the cat cave yarn, the only two balls I bought were in support of some earthquake victims, and really, if I can’t spend my consumer dollars on earthquakes, what am I supposed to do?


June 23, 2010

June 14, 2010

June 4, 2010

Looking at things instead of knitting them

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Woven leather shoesWell, I knit a little bit on the plane to the conference. Once I got to the conference though, there was no possibility. We weren’t knitting. We were twittering. There was a strong contingent of tweeters instantly summarizing the main points of any session, planning meetups, commenting on food, propagating inside jokes, and sharing links to resources. And I was among them, oh yes. I have always needed something to keep me engaged during lectures. Knitting did it for me in grad school: I would be more present if I had something to do Socks from the Bata Shoe Museumwith my hands that didn’t distract me. (For some classes, knitting made me TOO present and I had to dial it down a little if I didn’t want to be painfully immersed in some dry subject matter.) Twitter is perfect for helping me to pay attention, while also giving me a record of my reactions.

When the conference was over, I headed to Toronto for the weekend. I saw what looked like some lovely yarn stores in Toronto, but I did not allow myself to go in. I was too pressed for time, and I am not buying yarn right now, especially since I’m not really knitting right now. But! I did go to the Bata Shoe Museum and saw their exhibit on socks, which made me very happy. There were all kinds of things which I would not have thought of as socks, but which were meant to be worn in between a shoe and a person’s foot, and could technically be considered socks by definition. (See the leather socks, on the left, for an example.)  And then there were some beautiful, intricately knit socks that I kind of drooled over (see photo at right). My favorite were the tiny socks knit for the stop-motion movie Coraline. They were made with sewing needles as the knitting needles, and each one had a different design. I kind of want to try that now. I did not get a good picture because I only had my iPhone and there’s no zoom or flash on it.

If you’re in Toronto, I recommend the museum: it’s small enough to be manageable in under an hour (I find myself rushing through big museums because I feel like I need to see everything), and some of the footwear is really interesting. And they have way better postcards than the ROM, just saying.

April 23, 2010

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